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In Villa Litta with Scratch

In Villa Litta with Scratch

Saturday 21 September, 3.30pm 

Technology and games for fun. Saturday, September 21, at 3.30 pm, Coding Workshop ... "In Villa Litta with Scratch!"

Each kid (suitable age 8-4) will build an interactive story with a virtual guide who will accompany them to discover Villa Litta, choosing a Scratch character, animating it and making it perform different actions. 

Edited by Stripes Digitus Lab - International Center for Research and Innovation on Educational Robotics and Digital Technologies Social Innovation Academy of Fondazione Triulza. On reservation. 

Ticket: € 12 (workshop + guided tour of the Nymphaeum for children)

Duration: 2 hours and a half

Reservations required:

Culture Office - Municipality of Lainate: +39 02 93598267

"Amici di Villa Litta" Association: +39 02 9374282

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