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ALTERATIONS -  7th edition

Review of innovative music

Music Room, Villa Litta

Free admission

Promoted by the Municipality of Lainate in collaboration with the Oneiros Theatre Cultural Association.
Artistic direction - Massimo Giuntoli 

SUNDAY 13 OCTOBER 2019 - 5.15 pm

Bob Drake

Multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer, songwriter, Bob Drake is undoubtedly among the most original, ironic, visionary and creative musicians on the international avant-pop-rock scene, as his solo discography shows and his collaborations with musicians such as Chris Cutler , Karen Mantler, Fred Frith, and with the bands Thinking Plague (of which he is co-founder), The Science Group, Hail.


SATURDAY 19th OCTOBER 2019 - 9 pm

Benjamin Britten - portrait of the author

Luca Scarlini: story and voice

Francesca Aste: piano

Innovator in the wake of tradition, from ancient music to the popular repertoire, passionate teacher and cultural organizer, devoted to sharing and promotion of cultural heritage. The portrait of the author as a child proposes a story / concert through the unpublished pages of the young Britten, in search of his musical roots, aesthetic influences, the fertile and unpublished terrain in which one of today's most loved voices was formed.


SUNDAY OCTOBER 27 2019 - 5.15 pm

Rat Goal

Ignazio Lago: guitar, voice, domestic fissures

Penny Topor: electric bass

Gavino Levorato: drums, percussion

The Ratto Goal is a small crew formed in the year of the 2000 jubilee. They are the result of an accidental and bizarre association between the British multi-instrumentalist Penny Topor, and the Venetian drummer / percussionist Gavino Levorato (Levoratto), to which is added the all-round artist Ignazio Lago.


SUNDAY NOVEMBER 3 2019 - 5.15 pm

HOBO 2 ... plugged !!!

Eloisa Manera: electric violin

Massimo Giuntoli: electric piano

After wandering around in the most unexpected places “in acoustics”, with violin and harmonium, HOBO presents a new project that sees the duo Manera / Giuntoli - “around” from 2013 - take a reverse path compared to the clichés of the rock bands, (trying out an unplugged project).

HOBO chooses to experiment with new compositional dynamics using a markedly "plugged" instrumentation: the electric violin (moreover with five strings, that is to say covering both the extension of the violin and that of the viola) and the electric piano.

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