Villa Litta Lainate

Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta


Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta, also called Villa Litta of Lainate, is an extraordinary architercural jewel, where you can find, even nowadays, the charm of the ancient noble summer villas. The scenographic construction of the Palaces, the historical garden and the Nymphaeum were built at the end of the XVI century (late Renaissance) to celebrate the economic, social and cultural prestige of the owners of the Estate. In particular, between the XVI century and the XVIII century, the Villa was the perfect place for parties, concerts and cultural gatherings, in which partecipated many intellectuals, artist and musicians, such as Camillo Procaccini, Christian Bach, Carlo Porta, Ugo Foscolo and Henry Beyle Stendhal.

The Nymphaeum of Villa Litta is considered one of the most important examples in Europe, for the richness of decorations and the variety of water games. It was realized by the Count Pirro I Visconti Borromeo, and since the XVI century it has aroused the interest of the visitors: an astonishing succession of artificial grottoes, decorated with tuff stalactites, shells and hard stones, and rooms covered with mosaics made of white, black and coloured pebbles. Water jets rise and cross, water falls and unexpected rain come from the floors and the walls, supplied by the big tank inside the Water Tower.

Stendhal wrote: “Il faut bien se garder de se promener seul à Leinate; ce jardin est plein de jets d’eau destinés à mouiller les spectateurs. En posant le pied sur la première marche d’un escalier, six jets d’eau me sont partis entre les jambes.”
[Be careful while walking alone in Leinate; this garden is full of water jets thought to wet people. By standing on the first step of a stair, six water jets wet me between my legs]



Daily guided tours at the Nymphaeum, the Palaces and the Gardens from the 1st May until the 31st October.
Look up the schedule for the availability (link) or, for the groups, contact us to make a reservation for a specific guided tour (link). 


Nymphaeum Tickets (entry + guided tour at the Nymphaeum and the historical garden)

Full price ticket                                  
€ 10,00

Reduced price ticket                          
€ 7,00 (children between 5 and 14 years old)

Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children)    
€ 27,00

€ 10,00 PP (minimum 20 people)

Palaces Ticket (entry at the XVI century Palace and the XVIII century Palace + illustrated brochure)
One-price ticket    € 4,00

Free entry ticket at the Nymphaeum and the Palaces for children aged under 5 accompanied by an adult.

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